What this platform is?

It is a new tool for the community of Free “Libre” and Open Source Software of the area of influence of the city of Barcelona.

The platform is developed on Drupal 8, a contents management system (CMS) for web applications distributed under license GNU/GPL. It has a section where entities, projects and events that belong to FLOSS community can be located on a map, centred on the area of Barcelona but opened to any related European actor. It covers the needs of a social professional network, based on the concept of groups. Entities can create its group, FLOSS projects, create events, generate debates or publish collaboration opportunities, sharing its Git repositories.

What is an entity?

Any company, association, foundation, start-up, research group, educational center, etc. In case of doubt about the entity or project that you want to register, think if you have a social reason behind it.

When to register?

At any time, but it is necessary to have previously registered to the platform as a user.

Who can register an entity?

The user signing up an entity should be someone who really has a link, and it would be good if he enjoyed authorization from the entity, because otherwise, and at the request of the community, It could be the case that it was considered that it appropriated the brand of the entity in an illicit way. In this case, the moderator of the platform could remove the administrator role from the user who created it.

What is a project?

What an entity or group of entities intends to carry out.

When do I register?

I mean that with the entities

Who can register?

I mean that with the entities

What does "belong" to a project mean?

What is the administrator / manager of a project or entity? What can you do?

He is the person responsible for keeping up-to-date the information of the corresponding group, creating associated events and topics (news, financing opportunities, ...). You can add add other users as co-administrators of the group.

Can there be more than one project or entity administrator?

Yes, there may be as many as you think might be convenient, although it is recommended to keep a low number to have the group controlled.

How to create an event and which fields are required?

An event is created from the associated entity or project, and it is recommended to carefully complete all the fields, especially name, description, address and coordinates, start date and end date.

What is a theme?

One issue is a structure that allows you to publish a news item, a financing opportunity or start a debate on a particular issue.

How to create a story?

If we go to the menu bar, click on the '+' symbol and choose «Create topic». The "technologies" field, which are a series of labels separated by commas, helps us to get people to find the news when we look for topics in the concept of taxonomies. Not only can we insert technological tags, e.g. «Php», but also any one that we believe to be relevant, such as «law», «right», «law», ...

Who can create content within a group?

Only group administrators can create new content.

How to link a video of vimeo or youtube and what can be previewed on the platform?

It must be inserted with the html <iframe> element, e.g .:
<iframe src = "https://player.vimeo.com/video/289820298&quot; width = "640" height = "360" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen> </ iframe>
<iframe width = "560" height = "315" src = "https://www.youtube.com/embed/9eW99tyKkpM?rel=0&quot; frameborder = "0" allow = "autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen> < / iframe>

How to link an image and can it be previewed on the platform?

<img alt = "Edifici de Barcelona" src = "http: // ......" />

How to open a dispute if I think someone has taken responsibility for a project without having it right?

Did I find inappropriate content, like the report?

How do I use the search bar to find what I'm looking for?

How to put and eliminate a job offer?

It is done by creating a topic from the entity that offers the job or the opportunity of financing, indicating the corresponding tags.

What tags do you use on the marketplace?

Use the tags «marketplace», «work» («work», «job»), «financing opportunity» («financing opportunity»).

How to make a post for a collaboration offer?

Similar to the job offer, but using the tags «marketplace», «collaboration» («collaboration», «collaboration»).

Are the platform contents public?

Yes, the platform contents are public and any user can access without sing up.


• Involucració al món FLOSS local: tots els menbres de l'ecosistema flossbcn han de tenir alguna mena d'involucració al món FLOSS local. Aquesta involucració ha d'entendre's en un sentit no limitatiu, de forma que qualsevol rol a les comunitats locals (no únicament desenvolupadors) es considera adequat i la vinculació no té perquè ser permanent ni formal.

• Residència a l'àrea de Barcelona: inicialment l'ecosistema ha d'estar format pels actors residents a la ciutat de Barcelona, però també en aquest cas el criteri ha d'entendre's de forma
no limitativa, ja que l'ecosistema FLOSS en realitat no té fronteres geogràfiques definides. Per tant, des d'aquest punt de vista han de considerar-se part de l'ecosistema flossbnc actors no directament residents a la ciutat però que d'alguna forma -per proximitat geogràfica o per relació amb comunitats locals- tenen incidència a l'ecosistema de la ciutat.

• Més enllà del programari: actualment la filosofia de compartir coneixement de forma oberta i lliure que ha iniciat el moviment FLOSS s'ha estès a entorns molt diferents del pur desenvolupament de programari. El món de les tecnologies “open” i col·laboratives abasta camps molt diversos que, a més a més, acostumen a estar en contacte proper. Un ecosistema FLOSS no es pot limitar actualment únicament al món del programari, per la qual cosa l'ecosistema flossbcn està format també per actors no directament relacionats amb projectes de software. Cal tenir en consideració, doncs, que l'ecosistema ha d'incloure també qualsevol mena d'iniciativa “open”, com per exemple poden ser les xarxes obertes, l'Open Data, l'Open Design, l'Open Manufacturing, l'Open Hardware o, en general, qualsevol iniciativa que fomenti el coneixement obert i creat de forma col·laborativa

More questions about the platform?

Share your questions at the stream of FlossBcn https://flossbcn.org/group/4/stream or write to info (at) flossbcn.org and we will answer you as soon as possible.

About us

The platform has boosted by the Barcelona City Council, concretely from the Commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation and the Department of Development of the IMI (ICT municipal body).

From here, the main role is for many actors of FLOSS community who take part and collaborate from July 2018.

The aim is that this platform is managed in an autonomous way by the own FlossBcn community as soon as possible.