Legal warning

1. Legal warning

Identification of the operator of the platform: Barcelona City Council.

Address: Plaça Sant Jaume, 1. Barcelona 08002

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2. Terms of use

A. Scope of application of these conditions of use.

The conditions of use for participation in the FLOSSBCN platform link all the people who participate in this website. At the time of registration you will be asked to accept these conditions. Barcelona City Council reserves the right to modify the present conditions for the platform and will publish on this website the latest version of these conditions. To keep informed of future changes, we advise you to visit this page from time to time. Users will be informed of modifications when they affect privacy and / or security.

B. General aspects of participation in the platform.

FLOSSBCN platform is a professional social network. Any professional from the FLOSS field can participate in Barcelona and its region. For example, student registration is not allowed, the data provided must be professional data. By accepting these conditions of use, the registered person declares that he is of legal age. The platform also allows the possibility of opening the registry to entities, groups, groups and / or citizen organizations and relevant actors of the city. The users are obliged to make use of the platform diligently and in accordance with this objective. User users undertake to make a lawful and adequate use of the contents and services and to abstain from any illegal conduct or contrary to good faith.

Barcelona City Council is not responsible for the incorrect use of the platform made by users or the content they provide. Each user is responsible for using the platform correctly, as well as for the legality of the content and the opinions he has shared.


User suspension

The Barcelona City Council also reserves the right -without prior notice- to temporarily suspend the activities of a participant on the platform, deactivate your account in any way, delete its contents, delete the account or send a notice, especially, and without limitation, in the following cases: if there is an infringement of these conditions of use of the participation platform and if the City Council believes that the activity of the participant is harmful to others, to the website or to the website. Town hall.


The participant is responsible for the content of their contributions and the damages or claims of third parties that may arise. In no case shall the Barcelona City Council be responsible for the improper use of the platform site or the contents that are shared, nor shall it be liable for the use that a natural person makes of the ideas provided, or for the suitability of these ideas, or about the results that are derived. In the event that the content includes a link to another website, Barcelona City Council does not assume any type of responsibility for the damages and / or damages due to access to the contents of this link, nor for the content that may exist in this same link. In the event of a dispute of any kind or for any reason between the participants on the website or a third party, the City of Barcelona is exempt from any liability for claims, claims or damages of any nature that are related. in some way with this dispute.

C. Conditions for the treatment of the contents provided by users.

The present conditions regulate the terms applicable to the content sent by the users of this platform through the corresponding form (hereinafter, the "content"). The content does not include those personal data (except the public name of the user) that are provided at the time of registration and verification, only includes the public content provided by the user (comments, events, topics, proposals,. ..). These conditions apply both to the content initially sent to the platform and any content that is sent later or is manifested in the Barcelona City Council.

Non-confidentiality: All the content sent by the user in the Barcelona City Council must be able to be known by the general public. Therefore, Barcelona City Council will treat said content as non-confidential information.

Process: All content sent by the user will be published automatically by the Platform. The user is solely responsible for this content. All without prejudice to the provisions of the section on “Intellectual and industrial property rights.”

Advertising or dissemination of the contents presented: Participants in the platform declare to know and accept the fact that the information provided may be published on the websites owned by the City of Barcelona, ​​as well as through other means that the organization considers appropriate to publicize this initiative.

Intellectual property: Unless otherwise indicated, the contents protected by the intellectual property that the user contributes to this website will be subject to a Creative Commons - Recognition - Share Equal license (CC-BY-SA 4.0).

Notice and withdrawal procedure: Any person, with reasoned reasons, may request the removal of contents that violate the legal notice and the present conditions of use. The moderator of the platform will process these requests and reserves the right to make the necessary verifications prior to the withdrawal of any content.

Prohibitions. It is not allowed to add any illegal or unauthorized content on the website, such as information that has the following characteristics:

  • that is false or deceptive;
  • that infringes any right of the City or any third party, such as copyright, trademarks or other intellectual and industrial property rights or other related rights;
  • that threatens the privacy of a third party, such as publishing personal details of the participants, such as name, address, telephone number, email, photographs or any other personal information;
  • that contains viruses, Trojans, robots or other programs that may damage the website or systems of the City Council or the website or system of any third party, or that have the intention to circumvent the technical measures designed for the proper functioning of the platform;
  • that pretends to send spam to users or overload the system; that has the character of message chain, pyramid game or game of chance;
  • that is not satisfied with public decency; consequently, the content must not incite hatred, discriminate, threaten, provoke, or have a sexual, violent, rude or offensive meaning or character; that violates an applicable law or regulation.

Barcelona City Council is not responsible for the quality, originality, authenticity, legality or security of the content that users contribute to the platform.


D. Copyright, reuse of information and other rights on the website and its contents.

The City Council of Barcelona encourages the use of open licenses, the creation of derivative works and the reuse and modification of the works contained in this website, provided that the original authorship is recognized and the same license is maintained on the resulting work. Unless otherwise indicated, the contents protected by the intellectual property disseminated on this website are subject, by default, to a Creative Commons - Recognition - Share Equal license (CC-BY-SA 4.0).

In accordance with this license, any person (including the City Council) may make use of the protected content, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided that the authorship is acknowledged and the resulting work is disseminated under the same license CC-BY- SA 4.0. This license will apply both to the content provided by the City Council and to the content provided by the users of this website. The City Council of Barcelona allows the reuse of all information and data disseminated through this website, subject to the following conditions: It must properly recognize the authorship, provide a link to the license and indicate if changes have been made. It can not imply that the City Council sponsors or supports the activity in which the information is reused. Barcelona City Council will respect all intellectual or industrial property rights over the content submitted by users, and assumes no responsibility, direct or indirect, with respect to any type of controversy, dispute and / or litigation that may arise from the publication , the disclosure and / or dissemination of the content provided without the mandatory consent of their legitimate holders or without protection of any use permitted by law.